Monday, January 5, 2015

weekending :: crazy lazy edition!

Happy Monday, y'all! We had a super low key and relaxing weekend which was FABULOUS! 

So when we last "talked" I think I told y'all that we were potty training Emma. IT DID NOT WORK. HA! She is very strong willed and from the time she woke up on Friday until noon she had at least 8 accidents, 2 successes and would SCREAM every time I put her on the potty. I went into this knowing that if it was going to be a battle then we would wait. So I asked her if she wanted to wear a diaper and she could not have said "YES!" any faster. So we will try again in a few months. So after she got her diaper on, she decorated Oliver. haha!

John went back to work on Friday and Emma decided to be a hot mess all day. 

Friday night we went to dinner at the Mexican food restaurant by our house. We usually walk but it was cold and rainy so we loaded up in the Yukon to drive 2 blocks. ha! While we waited on dinner Hudson and Emma were giving lots of kisses back and forth across the table. :)

After dinner we got ice cream at our favorite place. 

Saturday morning John was at church working on a new music library renovation project so we sent him funny faces. 

And these 2 were making french fry and carrot soup while driving to the Homewood Pool. haha!

Saturday afternoon was amazingly lazy. 

Sunday after church we went to eat at Taziki's. Emma tasted some feta and said "I can't wike it. It's so spicy." ha!

Hudson has been coming up to me constantly lately and kissing my head. It's been the sweetest thing ever. Ever. Love my boy.

After the kids went to bed on Sunday night, John and I had our last Blue Apron meal. Some friends gave us a free trial for a few meals and we've enjoyed it so much. Last night's meal was shrimp paella!

Have a great week, friends! xo

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  1. I love what Emma said about feta! So cute! My Hudson loves feta, which is so random!


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