Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Hudson and I had a very fun birthday weekend. We officially celebrated Hudson during the day on Saturday and had a birthday dinner for me on Saturday night. Sunday was about both of us! 

Saturday morning when Hudson woke up he loved seeing presents for him. 

He immediately ripped the bow off the box and put it in his little wagon. 

Then he saw his mower and figured out how to use it when it was still in the box.

His favorite birthday present was a balloon from our pastor. He walks around the house carrying it and shaking it. It still has helium in it!

Hudson's very last bottle ever. He was so exhausted Saturday night when we were getting him ready for bed. I'm so thankful that dropping bottles and formula was so easy for him. 

Sunday morning when he woke up he walked right past John and me and went straight to Papa Jim. He drank his whole milk from a sippy cup and we haven't looked back!

After church we had a family lunch at Jason's Deli. Hudson LOVED the corn muffins. He also ate zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, raw mushrooms, hard boiled egg and even had a little ice cream. 

After his nap we went to the pool to swim for a little while. 

It was a fun way to end our birthdays!

This boy also loves his new car. (see, the balloon is there with him)

He gets in and out all by himself so well. Sometimes he will take a book and go sit in there to "read" his book. 

Such a wonderful birthday weekend. I love sharing my birthday with my sweet boy!


  1. What a fun birthday weekend for both of you..

    I also am so glad the bottle dropping was so easy for you.. :)

    I love those little tike cars.. My boys have loved theirs.

  2. LOVE the balloon in the car with him! Priceless!

  3. looks like a good way to spend a birthday! :) And its too funny how he carries the balloon around!

  4. Pearson did so good switching to sippy cups and whole milk too. I don't know why I stressed about it. And I have been stressing about dropping his bedtime nursing, but I have a feeling it's going to be easier for him than it is me.


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