Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hudson :: 12 Months Old

Dear Sweet Hudson,

Today, you turned 1 year old! This has been the most challenging, exciting, difficult, and best year of our lives so far.  We have loved every single second of it.

You make us laugh constantly. You are so full of personality and love people. You will fake laugh when you hear others laughing and when you know you've done something to make us laugh, you will do it again and again.

You are completely a full time walker, which you pretty much were last month. You never crawl anymore and you can almost run. I love that you are walking but it is also more difficult now because no matter where we are you want to walk. You will scream until we put you down to walk.

You LOVE your books. You will go and pick one out and walk over to us to read it to you. I will say, "do you want to read the book?" and you will squeal with excitement! You don't always let us finish a book because you are ready to either go walk to another toy or to find another book to read. You also like to chew and eat your books. We're working on that.

As of today, you are completely off of formula and bottles! You had your last bottle of formula last night before you went to bed and when you got up this morning you had a sippy cup with whole milk. You loved the milk and have done so well today without a bottle. I was nervous about putting you to bed tonight without a bottle before, but you did perfect. You drank your milk while we were rocking and then when I put you in bed you talked to yourself for about 10 minutes and then went to sleep. I stressed over nothing.

You understand so much. I will say, "let's go change your diaper," and you will walk to your bedroom. When I say, "do you want to go night night?" or "let's go night night," you will walk to your bedroom and go stand by your crib. You also understand, "come eat breakfast (or lunch or dinner)," and you will walk over to your high chair. You are mimicking just about everything we say. When I ask you if you are all done, you will sign "all done," and then say, "ah dah." You've said "mama" a couple of times but not consistent yet.

You absolutely love Oliver. When we come into the living room and kitchen in the mornings, you will walk straight for the laundry room to see Oliver. When he comes out of his kennel you wave your arms and squeal with excitement! Y'all play so well together.

You still love to be outside. You can now walk out the door without any help (going down the step used to be tricky for you.) And now that you have lots of fun outdoor toys from your birthday we are having so much fun out there.

You are still taking 2 naps a day from 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00. I love your morning nap and will be so sad when you drop it! You are going to bed around 7:00 and waking up between 7:00 and 7:45. I try not to let you sleep past 7:45 because I still want you to take your morning nap. It's working for us now.

You are eating pretty much anything and everything these days. Yesterday you ate pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta cheese and loved every bite. Today you ate some spinach, zucchini, raw mushrooms, and artichokes. You love food...especially fruit!

You have made this year the best year of our lives. We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and look forward to watching you continue to grow. We love you so very much.


::12 month stats::
weight: 23 pounds
height: 30 inches
eating: 3 meals a day, 2 snacks
clothing: 12 month, 12-18 month
diaper: size 3 during the day and size 4 overnights at night

Look how you've changed!


  1. You are so good with posting on time! :) Hudson is a sweet boy and we loved seeing ya'll at his party! Now to get some rest from ya'lls busy weekend...

  2. He is adorable.. His outfit is so cute..

    He has so many expressions and they are all just such a nice display of the personality he has I'm sure.

    So glad that the bottles were easy to go. I worry Chelsi has not found one sippy cup that is worthy of her time. I've tried lots and I'm starting to get a little worried.

    It's so hard to believe he is already one. Scares me these kids growing up to fast. Jon said today we'd blink and Chelsi would be married. I almost fainted! ;)

  3. I'm still in shock that he's already one. Holy fast year. He's absolutely adorable girl. Happy Birthday to him and happy first year of motherhood to you!

  4. So fun to read about what he's up to! Adelyn is always about a week behind what Hudson is up to...for example, we just quit the bottle over the weekend & she did great.

    Such a sweet boy! :)


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