Friday, June 29, 2012

road trip with mommy!

Hudson and I have been visiting my family in McKinney this week. Although, Hudson ended up getting sick early Wednesday morning (around 3:00am) we spent most of the week relaxing and trying to get him better. 

We had a fun road trip down here on Monday. I packed a lunch for us to have a picnic in the car. 

Hudson didn't eat as much as he usually does. I think he was having too much fun playing in the backseat.

I love my sweet boy. He does so great in the car and makes somewhat easy to take a 7 hour road trip with a baby by myself. :)

When we got to my mom's house she wasn't there yet and I did not have the key on my key ring so we played in the backyard. Hudson loved knocking on the door and Huck was going a little crazy inside. Especially because Hudson was playing with his ball. :)

Like I said, Tuesday was pretty much our only day to get out and do anything because he ended up getting sick. I'll share more pictures later. :)

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  1. Next time y'all are here we will have to meet up at the mall and let the boys play at the Fairview Fountains!!


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