Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We had a wonderful Father's Day. Much different than last year's! 

After church , we came home and ate lunch then put Hudson down for a nap. When he got up we were outside playing. 

John is such a fun daddy! He has just about as much fun (if not more fun) as Hudson does when we play outside.

Hudson LOVES his daddy! He gets so excited when he sees him.

John decided to put together the water table that my dad got for Hudson's birthday. Hudson wanted to help. :)

What happens when you swim in a regular diaper.

This diaper weighed 100 pounds so no wonder it fell off!

Hudson loved his cruise around the backyard.

My sweet muddy boy is trying to climb EVERYTHING these days!

We enjoyed watermelon for a snack on the porch. His little boy loves watermelon!

And so does this big boy!

We had such a fun Sunday spending the day with John. He's just the best daddy!

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