Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fish Camp 2012

Every morning this week Hudson and I have gone to Fish Camp, which is just a mommy and me swim lesson class. 

Our sweet friends Landry and her mommy Amanda were also doing the class so it was fun to see our friends every day.

Hudson and Landry learned how to blow bubbles, kick, swim with big arms, jump off the side of the pool, go down the slide, and go under water!

Hudson did so great and loved it. He would get a little fussy at times when he wanted to get out and walk around. But for the most part he had a blast!

Hudson was also able to bend over in the baby pool and pick up rings off the bottom. 

But really, his favorite part was eating the rings. Duh.

I had so much fun doing this little class with my little man. 

And now he has his first certificate! I'm one proud Momma! :)


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