Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hudson's 1 year {red wagon} pictures

The week of Hudson's birthday, John and I took him out to an abandoned barn area by the railroad tracks to get some pictures of him in his birthday outfit. (Made by the fabulous Ashley of Pumpkin Butter Kids of course!)

We also did some pictures in another outfit but I'll save those for another post. This one is already full of sweetness!

dont' worry, the fall didn't bother him at all. :)

I do wish I had noticed his shorts were cuffed up on one side. It's bugging me now!


  1. These are precious!! I love his little birthday outfit!!

  2. just adorable!! love his big smile too! :)

  3. Such cute pics of your little man! I love his outfit too! And the ones of my falling are classic... sweet boy! lots of fun at number one! :)


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