Tuesday, June 26, 2012

hudson's 1 year pictures {part 2}

The rest {of the good ones} of Hudson's 1 year pictures. I love this green and yellow plaid shirt. Sic 'em! We spent about 10% of our time taking these pictures. He was pretty much done at this point and we were exhausted and sweaty. Chasing down a running 1 year old in 100 degree South Texas humidity when you are pregnant is not the most fun thing to be doing. But it was worth it for the priceless pictures we got. 


  1. aw, love em!! And that little plaid shirt is just adorable on him...makes him look like a little man!

    Love the railroad tracks! We did that for Adelyn's 1yr pics too!

  2. He is precious in that shirt.. The photo's turned out great.


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