Saturday, November 10, 2012

Emma James :: 3 weeks old

Emma James, you are 3 weeks old!

This week was a big week for you. You met your Crazy Aunt Whit, had your 2 week check up and a follow-up appointment with your cardiologist. You also went to the park for the first time but just slept in the moby wrap the whole time while your brother played.

You have still been such an easy baby this week. Much more awake time and you are starting to show us a little bit of personality. You also started doing tummy time this week which you hate just like your brother did at the beginning.

You are still loving baths and you are still eating great. There are many days where you will eat every hour. No wonder you are already almost a pound heavier than your brother was at this age! 

Happy 3 weeks little girl! I can't believe you will be 1 month old in only 10 days!


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