Saturday, November 17, 2012

Emma James :: 4 weeks old

Emma are 4 weeks old!

I can't believe this is your last weekly post. You will be 1 month old on Tuesday! I can't believe it! We had your newborn photo session along with family pictures yesterday and I can't wait to get them back. You did perfectly!

You are still waking up every 3-ish hours at night. At this age your brother was going 5-6 hours but that's ok. I'm getting pretty used to functioning on little sleep. 

You are more time awake but your most awake time is at night from about 10:00-midnight. Not ideal but it's nice to have some time with you when your brother is asleep.

We love you, precious girl and are so thankful for the last 4 weeks!


  1. She is SOOOOOOOO cute!! Remember everything passes so quickly and she'll be sleeping through the night before you know it!!

  2. She is a doll, Lindsay!!

    Love her little dainty bow and outfit.


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