Monday, November 5, 2012

meeting Uncle Patrick, Aunt Courtney and Ethan!

On our last day in the hospital we were so excited to hear that our BFFs were coming to meet Emma. We had a very long day of waiting to be discharged (story on that coming soon) so having sweet friends there helped so much.

Y'all look good holding 2 kids! :)

Ethan was adorable and was so good with Emma.

After being at the hospital for a little bit with us they went back to our house so the boys could play together. 

Hudson's face in this picture cracks me up! My mom made a delicious dinner and later that night when John, Emma and I got home and we all ate together before they had to head back to Houston. 

We love you guys and are so happy and thankful that y'all made the drive to come visit us and meet Emma! 


  1. I love how onesies make our big boys still look like babies!!

  2. I know I mentioned that Ethan asked for "E-ma" after we were home... well that has happened multiple times since. I think he equates "E-ma" with all your fun toys and backyard! Love ya'll and your two cuties. Must. hold. Emma. again. SOON!!!

  3. So sweet of them to come hang out with Hudson as well. :)


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