Thursday, November 15, 2012

collecting acorns

We have a crazy amount of acorns right now. I have no idea why but we've never had this many before.

Hudson is also still in the stage where everything goes into his mouth. We are constantly saying, "yuck, throw it" and he pulls out whatever is in his mouth and throws it on the ground. 

We had a leftover soda bottle waiting to be put in the recycling bin when I realized it would be the perfect vessel for collecting acorns.

Hudson loved it and it kept him very entertained for almost an hour. That's a long time in toddler world! (please excuse his mismatched outfit...several changes throughout the day resulted in this.)

He also figured out how to screw the cap onto the bottle. He worked so hard to put that cap on and off.

Once he had the cap on it was a great noise maker!

We are still working on the not eating acorns thing. :)

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  1. Haha! That last picture is perfect.

    I actually thought the outfit matched? Maybe I should stick to dressing my daugther. ;)

    M and I collected acorns too! Except we spray painted them and added glitter, so they could be used as decorations.


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