Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taking Emma Home

We were discharged from the hospital on Monday, October 22. It was a very different experience from when we got to go home with Hudson. 

We were told all weekend that Emma would have an ECHO on Monday morning to check her heart murmur. She had already had a chest x-ray and EKG on Sunday which both were perfectly normal. The ECHO was just the last test they needed to run. So I got ready as fast as possible Monday morning so we would be ready as soon as that was finished.

We waited. And waited. And waited some more. By 11:30 I realized that we weren't probably going home anytime soon because we still hadn't had the ECHO so I went ahead and ordered my lunch. My doctor had already come by early that morning and checked me and I was ready to go.

We waited. We were bored and so ready to get home to our little man and start our lives as a family of four! Around 2 John went and talked to the head nurse and found out that the team from Corpus who would be doing the ECHO would not come until around 5. Ugh.

Fortunately, they ended up coming around 3:30 and the ECHO only took about 30 minutes. Now we just had to wait for Emma's doctor to come and discharge her.

There was a huge communication breakdown and our pediatrician did not make it to our room until 5:45. By this point we were frustrated and just so ready to go home.

She checked Emma and she said that she was starting to look just a little yellow and to keep her in indirect sunlight when we got home. Her bilirubin levels were all normal while we were in the hospital.

Once Dr. R left we just walked out of our room. We had already signed all of the papers. With Hudson I sat in a wheel chair. With Emma I just walked out of the hospital. 

When we walked by the nurses station they asked if I needed one but I felt fine so said no. 

It felt so good to finally be in the car driving home!!

Emma wore home my Feltman Brother's dress from when I was a newborn :)

Not a fan of the carseat at all.

We got home and things were crazy...we had a rambunctious toddler running around who was so excited to see us. It was very different from when we brought Hudson home but I would not have it any other way.


  1. She is the absolute sweetest!!! I know you are just loving having a little girl!!!

  2. Such a pretty baby.

    Sorry it took y'all so long to get discharged. I'm sure Hudson was glad to have you all three home.


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