Monday, December 10, 2012

Hudson {18 months} are 1 1/2! I'm going to write more this month since you are halfway to a year. And this is the best picture we got. It's blurry because I was in such a hurry to snap a picture because you were so busy and moving. All the others, you were a complete blur! 

You have changed so much this month. Your vocabulary has really taken off. The words you say the most during the day are "dis" while pointing to what you want, "Emmmmma" (I use the extra m's because you emphasize those), "bah" (ball), and "booh" for book. There are several other words you say but those are your most used words besides Mama and Dada.

You still love to be outside. When you are outside you love to run and throw your ball. You love books, balls, cars, trucks and puzzles. Anything round is a ball to you. So much so that you threw a fit this morning because you wanted the grapefruit that was in the fruit bowl. All of the ornaments on the tree are balls to you. We've put the non-breakable ornaments at the bottom of the tree and you have pulled all of those off to play with. 

You love puzzles! And you are so good at them. You will be getting a lot of new puzzles for Christmas this year. They are really helping with learning different objects. One of my favorite things you do is if I am sitting down on the floor you will come over with a puzzle or book to sit in between my legs and scoot up to me. It's just the sweetest thing. In fact, that's what you kept doing when I was sitting down trying to take the picture on this post!

You LOVE Emma. You love to give her kisses and cuddle up next to her when she is doing tummy time. When she is in her crib you try to climb up it to get in with her, which thankfully you can't climb over the side yet. I love how close in age you two are. Yes, we have lots of difficult times and days but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. You will never know life without each other. You are young enough that you have never gotten jealous because I have to spend some extra time with her. I don't think you fully "get it" which makes it easier I think. 

You are starting to love trains also. We've introduced you to Thomas the Train this month and you love him. We were at the store the other day and I pointed him out to you and you got the biggest grin on your face and pointed at him saying, "dis" which means you wanted him. Thankfully you were ok when I put him back and we walked away.

You are so social. Today at the park you got so giddy with excitement when you saw another little boy coming to play. He was probably 5 or 6 and didn't even notice you but you sure did follow him around!  When we go to church you run straight to your classroom and don't even look back at me. You love your teachers and do so well. 

Your favorite foods right now are blackberries, pears, green beans, pinto beans, corn, ground beef, honey nut cheerios, peanut butter, oatmeal, cheese, turkey lunch meat, eggs, and toast. 

You weight 28 pounds, 33 1/2 inches and have a 19 1/2 inch head circumference. You have 14 teeth. You are a big boy!

We love you so much, Hudson and can't believe we are halfway to 2!

 nigh nigh, Mama, Dada, ba (ball), ba ba (basketball), all dah (all done), doh (dog), diada (diaper), momey (monkey), namen (amen - after we say prayers...the sweetest thing ever!), bot (boat), ma (milk and more), cheese, buh buh (bye bye), dat (that), dow (down), booh (book), yeah (yes), Emmma (Emma), dis (this while pointing at what he wants), shuh (shoe), truh (truck or train), no

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