Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emma :: 2 months old

Dear Emma James,

I'm not sure how it's possible but you are 2 months old! You've had a great month and we are loving you more and more every day. We have been so blessed by you and Hudson still adores you. He says your name more than any other word. 

This month you went to church for the first time. You've now been to church twice and have done great both times. We missed this week because of some car trouble but we will be back on Sunday. Church is a little bit of a challenge for me wrangling you and your brother but we manage and haven't had any major hiccups yet. 

Speaking of hiccups, you get them all the time and they bother you a little. Usually giving you gas drops helps get rid of them but not always. You still spit up a ton. I'm planning on this lasting for a year like it did with your brother.

You are sleeping pretty good. I nurse you for the last time around 10ish and you usually sleep until at least 3:00. You've gone until 4:00 a couple of times and once you went until 5:30! That was glorious. You also still sleep quite a bit during the day. You are so easy to take along and go with the flow pretty easily.

You smile all the time now! You had your first responsive smile when you were 6 weeks old. Hudson was 5 weeks 5 days so pretty close to him. We love trying to make you smile. You sat in the bumbo seat for the first time. Your head control still isn't the greatest yet, but you enjoyed looking around. You are getting better at tummy time. You used to fall asleep just about every time but you are getting good at pushing up on your arms a little.

You are pretty much only nursing. You do not like bottles. You've had 2 bottles and have only taken about 1 1/2 ounces total from both of them. I'm hoping this changes soon because your daddy and I would love to have a real date again! I've been pumping so when you do decided the bottle isn't horrible we will be ready.

You have discovered the ceiling fans and your reflection in the mobile on your swing. I love this stage! You will sit and stare at yourself or the fan for several minutes. You also started cooing this month. It is the sweetest sound. You also make a cooing sound after you sneeze that just melts my heart. 

Emma James, you have had a great month! All 3 of us are absolutely crazy about you. 


::2 month stats:: 
weight: will update after her 2 month appointment
height: will update after her 2 month appointment
eating: nursing every 2-3 hours
clothes: 0-3 month, 3 month
diaper size: 1

Look how you've changed!

And here's a comparison of you and Hudson at 2 months...

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