Monday, December 10, 2012

18 month checkup

Hudson had his 18 month checkup today. I made the horrible mistake and scheduled his appointment during naptime. Not at the beginning or end making it easy to adjust but right smack dab in the middle. So I put him down for a nap an hour and a half early. I wasn't sure how he'd do but he slept for a little over 2 hours!

Hudson loves all the books in the doctor's office. We read each one while we waited. I didn't get a picture, but Emma slept in the stroller the whole time. My tip for taking 2U2 (2 under 2) to the doctor by yourself...a double stroller. It's the only way it's possible!

Hudson is right on track developmentally. I was a little curious about his speech and if it was where it should be but the doctor told me he was right on track. He's not saying any small sentences ("mommy here," "bye bye daddy," "snack please") yet. Just one word at a time. She said that is normal and as he gets closer to 2 the small sentences should develop. She said as long as he's saying between 6-10 words he's doing great.

After his appointment (with 3 shots) we went and picked up a chocolate chip cookie and apple juice from McDonald's and went to the park. I thought he deserved a treat after being so good at the doctor and enduring 3 shots.

I am so thankful for yet another healthy checkup and growing toddler! 

His official 18 month stats...

weight: 28 pounds - 75th percentile
height: 33 1/2 inches - 80th percentile
head: 19 1/2 inches - 90th percentile


  1. Oh wow, sentences hadn't even crossed my mind yet. It's hard to believe that they are going to be doing that in the next 6 months or so!! I was curious how many words they are supposed to have. Good to know it's 6-10. I think Pearson has about 25 or so!! I have been pretty surprised how much Pearson is saying. I was just assuming that since he was a boy it wouldn't really start until now.

  2. Girl- you should talk to me if you have speech concerns. :-) Take into account a new little sister, which is always a factor in "delaying" some development just a tad too.

  3. He is growing up way to fast. :) Glad he had a good check up.


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