Monday, December 17, 2012

grocery shopping with 2

One of the things I was most worried/anxious/nervous/unsure about with 2 kids was grocery shopping. I love our carts at HEB because there is a place for 2 kids to sit in the front but Emma isn't quite big enough for that yet. When we have a small trip with just a few things to get I leave her in the carseat and put her in the big part of the cart and Hudson goes in the seat. If we are doing our big weekly trip then I wear Emma either in the Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn. It's great because it always puts her to sleep and I have tons of room in the cart. 

Oh and Hudson always has to have a snack while we are at the store. When I forget to bring one our first stop is to grab a bag of yogurt melts...his current favorite snack!


  1. This is the thing I'm most concerned about with my two. And separately - I have to drive to Granbury 35 min away - for HEB! So sad!

  2. Most of the time pearson does fine at the grocery store, but anytime I can go by myself I do. It's so relaxing. Never thought I would say grocery shopping alone is relaxing!!


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