Friday, August 1, 2014

Chapel Choir Tour: Denver! Part 3

So on Thursday we drove to Overland Park, Kansas and that night we had senior night at a banquet hall. It was such a special night honoring the seniors of the Chapel Choir. We had a delicious dinner, a video with the seniors talking about their favorite Chapel Choir moments, and then they passed out awards to the underclassmen. Here is John with the seniors.

On Friday we drove and drove and drove and ended up in St. Louis for lunch. I wish we could have had more time there! 

We had lunch in Grand Central Station at Landry's. 

After lunch we got back on the buses and finished our driving for the day. We ended up in Dexter, Missouri for the evening. Eric is from Dexter so the students performed a concert at his home church. 

After the concert we had dinner at the famous Hickory Log. Amazing ribs and we had brisket! We can't get brisket in Alabama. 

A crazy picture with all the sponsors. 

It was kind of nice breaking up the drive home into 3 days with an event each evening. But driving the last part of the trip on Saturday was the longest day ever! We were SO ANXIOUS to get home to the kids!!! When we got home they were waiting for us in the church parking lot. It was the best homecoming ever! They also got to explore the big bus! Hudson sat down in a seat and said, "I'm ready to go on a choir trip now!" sweet boy!


I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go on this trip. And so thankful that my mother in law came to keep the kids. They had the best time with her!

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