Monday, August 25, 2014

weekend recap!

We had a really great weekend! Our weekends kick off on Thursday nights since Friday is John's day off. So we walked over to Edgewood Creamery for ice cream. These 2 were not in the mood for pictures. :)

John did have to go into the office for a couple hours Friday morning so the kids and I ran errands. We hit up Costco where we got this huge beef tenderloin. John then cut it into steaks and now we have several filets in the freezer. 

We were outside while John was grilling and Hudson had Oliver on his leash and was pulling him around the yard saying things like, "this is my little doggie Oliver" and " easy boy, easy!" and "this is not the place for that!" We were laughing so hard...where does he come up with this stuff?!?

Oliver really wasn't loving it.

If it's possible Emma loves steak more than I do. She definitely ate more than I did!

We somehow ended up at Edgewood Creamery again. Opps haha! Friday night I tried their frozen yogurt which only has 8 calories per ounce!!! This whole cup of chocolate frozen yogurt was only 32 calories! It wasn't the best ice cream I've ever had but so delicious and totally guilt free. My new favorite!

Hudson had a birthday party to attend on Saturday morning so he and I went and did that while John and Emma stayed home. It was so fun having some time with just Hudson. I rarely get that since he goes to school more than Emma. We went to the toy store first to pick out a present and we had a few extra minutes so he got to play.

The party was Paw Patrol themed and so much fun! Here they are rescuing cats. 

And then an obstacle course.

And putting out the fire in the house.

Hudson's favorite party of any party...cake!

Saturday evening John and I went to a dinner for the worship team from the early service. It was such a fun night!

Sunday morning I went to church with these darling kiddos. Emma is a huge fan of taking pictures now and will just stand and smile. Love it!

After church we came home, ate lunch and then John and the kids all took naps. I started laundry, watched an awful movie on Netflix, and then when Emma woke up cut her pacis again. Hopefully in another week or so we will be done with these!

Sunday night after John got home we put the kids to bed and he went and picked up sushi for dinner. We watched an episode of Prison Break and then listened to 80s music and played Egyptian Ratscrew. It was such a fun and low key night!

I hope y'all had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

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