Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chapel Choir Tour: Denver! Part 4...Hudson and Emma's adventure with Susu!

These pictures are WAY out of order but I'm too tired (and lazy) to fix them. So here it goes. :)

Hudson and Emma had THE BEST time while we were in Denver. Susu (John's mom...Susan) made their time so fun and special. They played with lots of playdoh.

Shared sweet moments.

Susu took them to a preschool play date at church and they had so much fun splashing and playing with their friends.

They had a little countdown calendar on the fridge.

Lots of playing at the park.

Oh...more playdate fun!

They went on many walks in the wagon to the farmers market.

And visiting people at church.

Sweet loves ready for church.

Morning walk to the park

One of many trips to the neighborhood ice cream shop!

At the park.

See...they were spoiled with fun while we were gone! So thankful for Susu and all the great times our littles had while we were gone. :)

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