Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend wrap-up...1 week late!

I'm not sure what happened last week. Every time I would think about blogging I would get distracted with something else and before I knew it I'd gone over a week without posting. Oh well... :) Here is a little bit from our weekend last weekend. It was super low key.

Friday night John and I had plans to go out for our anniversary but about an hour before our sitter was supposed to show up it started crazy storming and our power kept flickering and wouldn't stay on. So we called and cancelled because the last thing we wanted was for a babysitter to be stuck at our house with 2 toddlers and no power. 

So we stayed in, the kids wrestled with John, we put them to bed early, and then picked up takeout for dinner. 

Saturday morning I did some baking with my girl. I had some bananas that were no longer edible but perfect for banana muffins. So we made a mini version and she had so much fun trying to scoop the batter out.

The kids stayed in their jammies most of the day and we just relaxed and played.

Sunday after we church we went to eat at Chuy's. After lunch the boys had to make a potty stop so Emma and I took selfies. :) The sun was crazy bright. And it was an hour past her nap time. :)

That night John and I went over to some friends house for a poolside party. Again...before we left the kids and I did our favorite pastime...selfies. 

It was such a great low key weekend with my favorite people.

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