Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend wrap up...and a little more

 Hey y'all! Happy Monday! I started flagging pictures from our weekend and realized how many cute ones last week that never made it to the blog. I was too busy sharing pictures from our Colorado trip that I just never to to blogging about our week. The kids were at day camp Monday through Thursday and they had the best time. 

Emma was looking SO adorable on Monday. She's all about cheesing for pictures these days. Some times she'll even say, "mommy pishure!" #girlaftermyownheart

Emma has been taking LOTS of pictures lately.

A little morning booty scooting. Hudson kept saying, "hurry Emma hurry!"

Emma is obsessed with big bows and stickers lately. The huge bows barely stay in her fine hair but she loves them. We also change bows about 1,385 times a day. I may be slightly exaggerating. Slightly.

Walking to school/day camp one morning. Hudson was saying, "Here Emma, this way." They're the sweetest. 

Since they were at day camp in the mornings we didn't get any pool time during our usual times at the pool. So Wednesday evening we went after naps. They love going in the evenings because they get to eat chicken strips and fries for dinner. :)

A little sticker time Thursday morning before camp.

OBSESSED with brushing her teeth.

Hurray for the weekend! Friday the kids and I went to Target...OH funny story! ha!

So all morning I was telling the kids we were going to Target because to them that means cake pops! So as I'm getting dressed Hudson asked me what I was doing. I said, "I'm getting dressed so we can go to...." and I left it off so he could complete the sentence. He YELLED, "NINEVEH!" hilarious! 

Oh and another funny story...We went to the library after Target. We got into the children's area and I asked Hudson if he needed to go potty. He YELLED (again), "MOMMY I HAVE TO GO POTTY! THERE IS TEETEE IN MY {insert anatomically correct boy body part name here}!" COMPLETELY MORTIFIED. And yes, we use the real names for body parts over here. It just happened that way.

They were working on the road by our house on Friday and there was a huge truck with 4 other trucks on top of it. Little boy heaven.

Saturday morning we went to the pool. Right around the time we usually head home for naps this humongo storm cloud rolled in.

Saturday afternoon/evening we had 2 birthday parties to go to. The first was Smith's 3rd party. It was supposed to be a pool party but remember that humongo cloud? Her party got rained out so it was moved to their house. Hudson had so much fun playing with Smith and eating pizza.

Any party with food is Emma's favorite!

Heading to the 2nd party...we gotta work on teaching her how to be lady-like.

Andrew's 4th birthday party was a concert party. He's obsessed with bands and music and it was so cute!

 Hudson was having so much fun playing the drums...all of the drums. ha!


Emma and Andrew's sister, Mary Everett, are such sweet friends. Love these 2.

John was off on Sunday so we went out to an early lunch at Panera. We started out with these 2 at their own table. It lasted about 42 seconds.

We shopped a little and on our way home we stopped at Eric and Brittany's new house and taught Hudson how to give shoulder massages. It lasted even shorter than the kids table.

We ended our weekend with dinner at Taziki's and Steel City Pops in our backyard. Such a fun summer weekend with our little family. Love these people!

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