Thursday, February 20, 2014

Emma :: 16 months old

Emma James,

You are 16 months old! I can't believe you are the same age that Hudson was when you were born! This is so so strange. Ha! I thought Hudson was SO BIG when he was 16 months old and you still seem like such a baby some days. But other days you are such a toddler. I guess that's just this age. :)

You are SO BUSY ALL THE TIME. You rarely sit still...unless The Lorax is on. The only other shows you really like are Yo Gabba Gabba, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You love your babies and rock them all the time. The sweetest thing. When I drop you off in the nursery, the first thing you do is go and find the babies and those keep you entertained the whole time I'm gone. Love that!

You are still doing great without your paci during the day. There have definitely been a couple days this month that I've given it to you because I couldn't take the fussing. You had about 5 days of brutal teething and you got your paci anytime you wanted during those days. You call your paci, "pass." You have 8 teeth total. 6 on top (including 2 molars) and still just 2 on the bottom! haha!

You and Hudson play so well together. Y'all love to chase each other, build block towers, and play cars together. Hudson also loves to play with your picnic basket and you steal the food from him. Watching y'all play together is one of my greatest joys. Y'all also know how to annoy and fight with each other too. :)

You weigh 23.5 pounds and are 30 inches tall. You are slowing growing but I like that you are petite. You're just perfect! You've also started wearing bows like a big girl this month. You can't wear big ones because they are too heavy but you have a couple of smaller bows that we can clip in your hair. You just look so cute!

Emma, we love you so so much. You are just the perfect little toddler and we love watching you grow and learn every day. 


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