Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Weekend

Hey, y'all! Happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend. It was busy but good. :)

On Friday we ran a couple errands and then went to lunch. These guys just love their daddy so much.

After lunch we went into Books-a-Million for a little bit so they could play and look at books.

Hudson kept pointing to that picture of the little girl on the wall and saying "girl is pretty!"

Friday night the kids and I stayed home and John had a kids event at church that he led worship for.

Saturday John and Hudson went to the zoo. Hudson was SO EXCITED about his zoo adventure with daddy!

These little cutout things at the zoo are probably Hudson's favorite attraction. When he climbs up he makes the noise of whatever the animal is. Hilarious!

Hudson found this locked gate and picked up a stick to try and pick the lock. How on earth did he learn this!?!

Saturday night John and I went out with some friends for Brittany's birthday. Sadly I forgot to take any pictures but we had a great time!

The kids and I stayed home from church on Sunday because we were having the freshman from Chapel Choir and the officers over for lunch and I needed to cook. After lunch they were having a little meeting so I put Emma down for her nap and then Hudson got to sit on our bed watching a movie on the iPad and eating some ice cream. Tough life.

There were about 35 students in our tiny house! But we loved it and they are so wonderful.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!

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