Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day 2.0

So, it's snowed twice here in 2 weeks! Well, technically it's snowed 3 times but the 2nd time it snowed it was only for a couple hours and nothing stuck. It started snowing on Wednesday night around 6:00 and by 7:30 it looked like this. 

It snowed so hard and fast and the snowflakes were huge!

Emma was already in bed but Hudson got to enjoy it.

The snow kept hitting him in the eyes so he wasn't a fan of that. haha!

We were able to gather way more than enough snow really quickly to make snow ice cream! It was our first time making it and it was so yummy and easy. We just did 8 cups of snow mixed with 1 can sweetened condensed milk and a teaspoon vanilla. Hudson and John loved it!

 The next morning it was beautiful! There was so much snow!! We had almost 8 inches.

The kids ate breakfast as soon as they woke up so we could get out there and play in it as soon as possible.

The forecast for yesterday was very warm (45 degrees) and sunny so we knew it would melt fast.

They were waiting on John to build a sled. He quickly went down to the basement and whipped one up. Literally.

The snow was so deep neither of them really loved it. It also didn't help that we don't have proper snow attire. I'll need to get some for next year!

Here's John's homemade sled!

We decided to move out to the front yard so we could have a little more room.

Emma got a turn. She liked it for about 30 seconds. Ha!

This was when she started to become angry. :)

We thought maybe having both of them on the sled together would be fun. Nope.

Hudson kept saying, "hug Emma!" She wanted no part of it.

It was a fun 7 minutes outside in the snow! We came inside and warmed up with The Lorax and some hot chocolate. 

Although it was fun, I'm hoping that we won't be having Snow Day 3.0.

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  1. Awe, it looks Lao pretty when it's untouched doesn't it? I hope you are all enjoying it!


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