Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas day this year was so so so wonderful. The kids opened their gifts slowly, we stayed in our jammies all day long, did whatever we was great. 

They were so excited when they ran in and saw their new kitchen! 

Emma's favorite part of the kitchen is the phone. She plays with that phone all day long.

They immediately started cooking and preparing each other the strangest meals. haha!

They noticed that the reindeer were pretty messy and there were carrots all over the front lawn. Silly daddy. I mean, reindeer.

Checking out the note Santa left them!

This is probably my favorite picture from Christmas day. Hudson is jumping up and down over the M&M's he found in his stocking and Emma is flipping out over her Sophia dress that Santa STUFFED in her stocking. haha!

Selfies with Sophia.

We got them these Bilibos which are so strange but kids love them. They're pretty neat!

It wouldn't be a holiday without me cutting myself. This year it was while chopping fresh sage. 

Hudson is so obsessed with reading. He has known his sounds for a long time now and is able to sound a lot of words out. A friend of mine used to teach reading so she let us borrow some books to help him practice his reading. He is doing so well and spent a lot of time on Christmas practicing his reading.

We made a last minute decision to have our Christmas dinner as a picnic out in the sunroom. In our jammies. See...such an awesome Christmas day! We decided this would be our new tradition to do on the years we don't have any family in town on Christmas. 

At this point....there had been so much screaming! :)

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones. xo


  1. Love your new simple design! I have been meaning to re design my blog for about a year now and I am determined to get it done this year but I just can't commit to a design!! Too many ideas to choose from!!


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