Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekending :: Susu and Aunt Sara Edition

Happy Monday! We had a really great weekend with John's mom and sister in town. And I'm linking up with B Loved Boston for the first time for her Weekending link up! 

Thursday was the kids' last day of school until January. Hudson brought this home and I still cannot stop laughing at my little guy being baby Jesus. haha! Love this sweet Nativity so much!

Thursday night we went to the Music & Worship Ministry's Christmas party. It was a great night out with my man and all of the great people he works with. 

Friday morning John took Emma to the doctor and Hudson and I headed up to church for the Happy Birthday Jesus play day. Hudson loved dressing up like a shepherd

Hudson and MK have been in the same preschool class since last year. They're such sweet friends and I love watching them play together.

After the play day we headed home and John's mom and sister were already there! Oh and poor Emma had a double ear infection and croup. She has had almost an ear infection every month for the past year so she will have a consult in January for tubes. I'm praying that after that she will be much better!

Anyway, we went to lunch at Post Office Pies and it was amazing. But sweet Hudson could not stay awake. He has been waking up CRAZY EARLY. Like sometimes as early as 4:00 am. But usually around 5:00. Shorter naps don't do anything so we've decided to eliminate his naps completely and see how that helps. But we are giving it a couple weeks to see if his body adjusts. 

Friday night we opened presents with Sara and Susan. The kids got some really fun things and got to play with them before bed. Hudson LOVES his magna tiles. They are really fun!

Emma got some new princesses for her castle and she was a happy girl.

Sara gave me (and totally surprised me!!!) with Kendra Scott jewelry. (Ignore my old lady hands!)

I love this gold druzy ring and necklace so much. Thanks Sara!!

Saturday morning we drove a little ways to go eat at Big Bad Breakfast. Y''s so good. 

I had the Cahaba Lily omelette (it had herbs, tomatoes, shallots, and swiss cheese) and it was delicious. 

After breakfast we went and did a little shopping but I had the hardest time enjoying it knowing how unhappy the kids were. So we headed to a park for the kids to play.

Saturday afternoon the kids napped and rested and then John and I went back out to shop a little. We came back home and finished up dinner. We had John's "famous world famous chili" and E&B came over for dinner. Hudson and Emma were pretty happy with E, B, Susu and Aunt Sara to entertain them. :)

OH! So with croup Emma has to take a steroid once a day. I gave her a second dose on Saturday night by accident and as soon as I did I realized my mistake. So I called my friend who is a pharmacist and she told me that Emma would be fine but she may act a little crazier than usual. Almost as soon as I hung up the phone Emma went nuts. haha!

Sunday morning my littles were looking so so so festive and great in front of the tree.

Emma coloring after her nap on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday evening we went to church for the children's choir and Chapel Choir concerts. Hudson was thrilled when he spotted his buddy Teagan.

Opps...out of order but here's how easy it is to take pictures of a 2 and 3 year old. 

Hudson and Emma got to sit in and listen to a little bit of the rehearsal before the childcare opened. I considered keeping Hudson with me for the performance for .3 seconds. ha!

Attempted some pictures with Aunt Sara...nailed it.

Hudson took some selfies with Susu.

The children and students did such a great job. And proud of my hubby!

This morning after breakfast we made gingerbread paydoh. It smelled delicious but I had to keep reminding the kids that it smelled yummy but tasted yucky. ha!

And yes, my chalkboard still says "eat turkey."

After lunch today we took Susu and Aunt Sara to our favorite ice cream shop. So good!

It was such a fun weekend and we are so thankful that Susu and Aunt Sara came to visit us!

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