Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa 2014

A photographer friend of mine, Lindsey Culver, held a Santa Charity a few weeks ago. She had such a neat set and it was so much fun! I worked the event for her and John brought the kids for their session. I love how the pictures turned out!

I was not planning on being in the pictures, but Emma fell and was pretty much done until I helped her ease back into it. :)

After the kids ate marshmallows and took pics by themselves, Santa came out!

They both loved Santa. Hudson kept talking to him and giving him hugs. Emma was just so content and comfy in his lap.


  1. Oh my Goodness! My Littles would've been in heaven with marshmallows all over the place. Great pictures!!!

  2. OH man how cute!! I love these pictures ;)
    Chelsea @


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