Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 48

Day 330: Feeding fish at the aquarium!

Day 331: Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 332: Hot mess express over here today but we will be home in about 3 hours! Not pictured...2 exhausted parents.

Day 333: Saturday morning pancake time! Cutest little pancake makers ever.

Day 334: H: Christmas is coming!
Me: It is! Do you know whose birthday it is?
H: Jesus! We will sell and eat!
Me: Sell and eat?
H: Yes! Sell and eat!
I'm assuming he means celebrate. ha!

Day 335: An elf showed up at our house this morning. Hudson and Emma were in awe and very excited about Scout the elf.

Day 336: This girl could play playdoh for hours.

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