Thursday, December 18, 2014

fall pictures 2014

We had our family pictures taken back in November. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and about 31 degrees. It was so so so so cold. Our session was a "mini" that we managed to do in about 8 minutes. ha! I love how they turned out. 

We didn't get many smiles at all from the kids. The good thing about taking family pictures outside when it's 31 degrees...I wasn't sweating! haha!

If I tried to put Emma down for pictures by herself or with Hudson she FLIPPED OUT. So this is the only picture of the kids by themselves. And the only picture of Emma without me holding her. ha! We even tried giving her a leaf bigger than her head to see if it would make her happy. Nope.

One of my favorites...

I love LOVE my family. Oh my word I'm so thankful for them. 

My girl. Love her to pieces.

My crazy sweet, smart, and crazy boy.

My boys. 

This man. So thankful to be his partner. So thankful to be married to my best friend. Love him more than I ever thought possible. 

I am blessed beyond measure with this family of mine. 

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