Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas week

Christmas week started off with a bummer. Hudson had a horrible cough and Emma was still not herself so we paid a visit to the pedi. 

Bad news...H was diagnosed with a double ear infection and E still had an infection in 1 ear. Good news...they both got strong antibiotics that helped!

That evening we put on our Christmas jammies after dinner and went to go look at Christmas lights.

Tuesday I did all of my grocery shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and then we made Christmas cookies. This was our first time to do decorated sugar cookies with the kids.

They loved it and had the best time!

And because they hadn't had enough sugar...we ended the evening with hot chocolate!

Emma had a little too much sugar. 

And oh my word it took her forever to go to bed! haha! sweet girl had the biggest sugar high.

It was a really fun few days before Christmas!

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