Friday, December 5, 2014

Scout the Elf

Never say never. I said I would never do Elf on the Shelf. But about 3 weeks ago I found myself purchasing a $30 elf on Amazon and got excited just thinking about the kids' excitement over this silly elf.

But I decided to keep it simple. I mean super simple. The elf showed up on Monday morning. He was just sitting on the fancy breakfast or elaborate decorations. And he brought Christmas pjs. 

He moves each night but he only moves. He doesn't do anything funny or silly. And the kids think he is hilarious. They love looking for him in the morning and laugh and giggle so much when they find him.

I'm all for going all out with this guy if that's your thing. It's just not mine. 

It really is fun and we are enjoying finding a new spot to put Scout each night. He's been in the Christmas tree, hanging from a light, hanging upside down looking at himself in a mirror, on the refrigerator, and tonight he's in a potted plant. 

I love finding new traditions for the kids. Christmas through their eyes is so much fun.

But my favorite part is seeing them realize what Christmas is really about. They love to talk about baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. 

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