Tuesday, December 23, 2014

weekending :: PJ and Candlelight edition

We had a really great weekend! My dad came in town and we started it off with this guy sleeping until 6:30! 6:30 is so much better than 4:30. Seriously. 

Friday was pretty normal. I had some errands to run so my dad tagged along. The kids were out of school last week so it took longer than normal to get things done with them in tow. So I ran out of time. He was great and we got things done.

Friday evening we got takeout from Little Donkey (the best) and had Christmas with PJ. He got the kids some really fun new games!

Saturday my dad took the kids to the park for a little bit but it was cold and wet so they didn't last long. 

Saturday evening we went to Candlelight at Dawson. 

I loved having my dad in town and I was so glad he got to hear the music at Candlelight. It's so beautiful! And John did an amazing job conducting. I'm so proud of him!

After Candlelight we came back to our house and had dinner. E&B joined us and we had a great time. They got to be a part of our Christmas book advent. Saturday night our book was pretty silly and the kids and I were laughing so hard.

I stole this picture from a friend's Instagram...our church during Candlelight. So beautiful!

We went to church with PJ on Sunday morning and then came home and had lunch and put the kids down for nap/rest time. My dad headed to the airport and then Emma decided she needed to brush her teeth. In the basket. Because duh.

After the Candlelight performance on Sunday night we had a babysitter come over and John and I went to the Chapel Choir Christmas party. I love these 10th grade girls so much!

Sponsors with Santa!

The photo booth is always so much fun.

I totally look like a 10th grader, right? haha!

It was such fun weekend! So thankful my dad was here!

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