Thursday, September 11, 2014

Random pictures from our week!

So, I just got home from getting drug tested. hahaha! It's not for anything major...I am going to start subbing at the kids preschool and it's a part of the application packet. :) Anyway, it's been a good week. I was telling John last night that after I put the kids to bed I had one of those "it's been a really great day" moments. We stayed home all day since Emma has an ear infection and it was great. Usually if we are home all day (which rarely happens anymore) the kids get so restless and stir-crazy.  They had their moments yesterday and they each had to go to timeout but it was a really fun day. I went to bed last night so thankful.

Tuesday afternoon when Emma woke up from her nap she was SO FUSSY. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "my ears hurt." I had been asking her for a few days (since she's been fussy for a few days) if her ears hurt so I wasn't sure if she was just repeating what she's been hearing or if she was actually hurting. But her fussiness was not normal so I called the doctor. There weren't any appointments left so we went to the after hours clinic. Hudson is all into doing "afrobats" anywhere he can these days. That's what he was doing here. haha!

The high chair is no longer in the house (well, it's in the attic) and now they both like sitting at the table in big chairs. Love these sweet sleepy eyes and bed heads. 

Hudson's teacher sent me these precious pictures of him from school on Monday. 

I am so thankful he loves school so much.

Yesterday afternoon we spent a little bit of time in our bed watching Mickey Mouse on the computer. It might be time to get a TV in our room. :)

Her favorite thing right now is having "covers" any time she is laying down or sitting. Love her. :)

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