Monday, September 1, 2014

weekend wrap-up

We had a great weekend! After the kids' naps on Friday we walked to the park. It was HOT but we had fun!

Emma was still lacking some energy after her procedure so she didn't really play much.

Hudson had a ball though!

That night Emma and I had a girls night while the guys went to the football game. We didn't think Emma had enough energy for the game.

My big girl throwing away her trash.

Hudson had so much fun at the tailgate and game!

Saturday was a lazy day. We went to Target in the afternoon to get some things to help us organize the playroom. We followed it up with dinner at Taziki's. 

While the guys organized, I cuddled this girl who was super sleepy.

They were so proud of their work!

Sunday we went to church and just had a normal afternoon. It was a great and relaxing weekend!

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