Monday, September 15, 2014

weekend wrap up!

We had a great weekend! Fun things in the evenings but relaxing days. Kind of perfect.

Little girl in a big yard. 

Thursday night we picked up dinner at Zaxby's and headed to the park for a picnic and play time. This is such a fun's all wood! We had so much fun.

Hudson is able to pull his pants up after he goes potty if he hasn't fully taken them off of his feet. But if he does he has a harder time putting them back on. We usually help him but lately I've been trying to get him to do it all on his own. This was the outcome on Friday...inside out and backwards. And I didn't fix it. :)

We had a fun family lunch at Zoe's on Friday. The kids are salad obsessed and John and the kids finished off my salad for me.

Me and my girl taking selfies while we waited for the boys to finish up.

Friday night our friends Audrey and Addison had a joint birthday party. We had so much fun going to celebrate them! Audrey and Emma are such sweet little friends. 

Saturday during the day we were lazy and didn't do much. It was so nice.

We went on a walk late Saturday afternoon around the neighborhood. 

The boys were much faster than Emma and I so we took selfies again. :)

For dinner on Saturday night we went to Eric and Brittany's house. Hudson and Emma loved their new piano!

Sunday we went to church, and after naps we just played at home. 

The kids current favorite thing is watching me dance and act a fool on the video monitor. I try to be cool but I'm so lame. ha!

Sunday night I had a meeting at church so when I told Emma that we were going back to church and that she would get to see daddy this was her response. Sweet girl loves her daddy!

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