Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day 2014!

We spent Labor Day at Camp Dawson this year! It was a MUCH BETTER experience than our trip in May for Memorial Day. We didn't spend the night so that wasn't an issue but the kids have changed so much this summer and swimming with them was so much more fun.

In May Emma wasn't wearing a puddle jumper yet. On Monday, she was all over the place in her puddle jumper. It was so much more relaxing.

And Hudson wore his puddle jumper too. We had to pretty much force him to wear it because he now things he's all grown and doesn't need it anymore. He's doing great swimming but he doesn't know how to take a breath and keep going yet. So he gets tired quickly from holding his breath for so long and he wants to be independent so the puddle jumper was our best bet for a long day of swimming (and no naps)!

He was also able to go down the slide all day long on his own. He loved it.

Snack break! Love these 2.

We took Emma's pack n play but played it by ear with her. We knew Hudson would skip his nap and Emma ended up skipping hers too. They did great all day without naps but Emma CRASHED HARD the moment we got in the car. We were able to put the kids to bed early and we enjoyed Chinese takeout and Prison Break. :)

Such a fun Labor Day! It was great to get out of town just for the day. There were several other families out there and we had so much fun with all of our friends. 

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