Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A post on Tuesday all about Monday. :)

Hudson goes to school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Emma only goes on Tuesday and Thursday so I get one on one time with my girl every Monday. I love it...but also wish I had a day with just my boy. One on one time is so sweet. 

Yesterday we had a couple errands to run. The dry cleaner and Target. When we pulled up at the dry cleaner and the sweet lady came to our car, she starts talking to Emma. Emma IMMEDIATELY says, "I wan sucker!" So this sweet woman says, "well hahahaha! What color Miss Emma?" Emma of course responds with her favorite color..."YELLOW!" She was thrilled when she got her yellow sucker. 

John was home for lunch yesterday and Emma was eating at the same time. I looked over from the kitchen and these two melted.my.heart. 

Also, she now refuses to sit in her highchair. So she's sitting in Hudson's toddler chair. Yesterday during nap time I took the highchair apart and cleaned it like crazy and it's now in the attic. First time in 3 years we haven't had a highchair at the table. :( Emma is now using the toddler chair and Hudson is sitting in a regular chair. Everyone loves their new seats at the table. :)

After the 4th outfit change of the day it was time to go pick up Hudson. Emma INSISTED on wearing her "pik bow" and "orn shoes." Love her sassy little personality so much.

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