Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Super Sampler!

Last week we went to church for a sampler of all the extracurricular activities that the preschool ministry has to offer. They got to try out ballet, gymnastics, and Kindermusik. Hudson and Emma had the best time!

Emma was a little too young for ballet but Hudson had fun walking around with an animal on his head. He really didn't follow the teacher too much when it came to actual ballet moves, but he loved all the random stuff. Ha!

Then we went to Kindermusik. Their favorite parts were the parachute and when they could run around the room with instruments. My wild kiddos!

Last was gymnastics...their favorite! Too bad all of the classes were already full. :( 

We ended our time with Hudson's first bloody nose. He fell off the beam and as soon as the bleeding stopped he was ready to play again. Love my tough boy!

After the sampler was over, we headed to the playground for a picnic with our friends. It was so fun but was cut short when Emma stuck a bead in her nose. More on that later. :)

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