Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First day of preschool 2014!

The kids had their first day of preschool on Tuesday! They were so excited despite what their faces show. Ha!

Hudson is in 3K this year and had a great first day. Like every day last year, he walked right in and didn't even look back. He already knew both of his teachers and several of the kids in his class. He loved it!

Emma did so great also! She is in 2K this year. She was originally going to be in the 18month class, but they moved some of the older 1s to the 2s class. I'm so excited for her to be in the 2s. I think she will thrive and do so well with older kids instead of being the oldest. She also knows both of her teachers and had a wonderful first day. No tears for anyone! :)

One of Hudson's teachers texted this picture to John on the first day. Love my sweet boy!

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