Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 36

Day 246: She woke up super cuddly and crying for daddy. So we are snuggling on the couch. Also, the sun is making my roots look cray. Please tell me they don't always look like this!

Day 247: Just a normal, calm Thursday around here.

Day 248: The little one is spitting ice cream and the big one is using his spoon to scratch his head. Happy Friday!

Day 249: What happened to my baby and who is this big girl?

Day 250: They both insisted on sitting in big chairs tonight. I loved seeing them laugh and talk together. Watching them grow and learn and love each other is simply the best.

Day 251: And then my heart melted.

Day 252: Sonic picnic for dinner in the car while we wait for Emma's prescription. We went to after care this evening because my mommy instinct told me she had an ear infection and turns out it's a bad double ear infection. But at least she's happy!

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