Friday, September 19, 2014

our week!

We've had a great week over here! And I am looking forward to this weekend. When I looked at my planner this morning to see what we had going was BLANK!! Woohoo!! It's always nice to have a weekend with nothing to do. 

Tuesday night we hosted Supper Club at our house. We had so much fun and the kids' favorite part was of course dessert.

This was their first time having cheesecake and needless to say, they loved it.

We eat supper at church on Wednesday nights. The kids love it because they're guaranteed chocolate milk and dessert. My girl LOVES chocolate. To her, anything that is chocolate is "chock-chock milk." So she was enjoying some "chock-chock milk and chock-chock milk cake!" :) 

On Thursday morning when I opened my bible to work on my bible study I found this. I remember when Emma did this last year when she was around a year old. Love this so much. 

While the kids were in school on Thursday I had some errands to run and then got to enjoy a kid-free lunch with my sweet friend, Jen! Love her!

MELT MY HEART. Emma brought this home from school on Thursday. 

And just now when I was uploading pics from my phone I found these. One of Hudson's legs...

And one of Emma's leg. Love these littles so much. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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