Monday, September 8, 2014

super low key weekend!

We had a wonderful but super low key weekend. 

Thursday night Hudson was so excited about his new dinosaur jammies. 

Friday morning we hung out in our jammies and ate popcorn. Right after Emma dumped her popcorn she said, "uh oh paw corn!" She's obsessed with her new boots. Old Navy FTW.

Friday night we walked to Edgewood to have dinner at La Bamba followed by ice cream. Hudson was scratching his ear with a spoon and Emma was spitting her ice cream. Hot mess express over here.

On our way to dinner we stopped in at church and these littles went nuts. Wide open spaces!

Saturday morning John had the first Christmas choir rehearsal so the kids and I lounged around. Or hung out upside down. Whatever floats your boat, Hudson.

Oh and I just realized this picture was taken when John was home...those are his legs and not mine. ha!

John and I went to dinner at some friends' house on Saturday night while H&E stayed home with a sitter. Hudson LOVES having babysitters. Emma not so much. But how adorable does she look here?!? And so grown up.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and did the normal lunch, then naps. Then we spent some time in the hallway screaming. Because that's a favorite activity around here. They close all the doors and just yell. 

We had a special speaker at church on Sunday night so we went to church at 6 and got home about 7:15. As I announced, "5 minutes until bedtime!" Hudson says, "but mommy, I'm hungry." #momfail TOTALLY FORGOT to feed my kids dinner! Y'all. So here they are eating leftover pizza (from the babysitter night) at 7:30 pm. #winning

A simple weekend but full of sweet times with my family. I love these 3 more than anything.

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