Thursday, September 4, 2014

Emma's Endoscopy

Last Thursday was quite an adventure. After the super sampler at church we went to the playground to have a picnic with friends. At one point on the playground there were sensory tables with tiny plastic beads or pellets. Not sure what to call them but they're colorful and TINY. Like smaller than a pea. Anyway, I look over and Emma has her finger up her nose and immediately knew that she had put one up her nose. My friend went over to her with me and we looked up her nose and saw one. I tried to push it out from the top because I knew if I put my finger in her nose it would push it up more. It didn't work. I also tried plugging the other side and telling her to blow but she doesn't know how to blow out of her nose yet. We packed up quickly and went home so I could try to suction it out with the nasal aspirator and Nose Frieda. Neither worked and by the time we were home I couldn't see it anymore. I called the pediatrician to see what we should do and they refereed us to an ENT. So we spent nap time at the ENT that afternoon. FUN!

While I was on the phone with them I was throwing snacks and the iPad in my bag knowing that I would need everything to keep them entertained during nap time.

Hudson did perfect. He just sat and played on the iPad the entire time. Emma was an almost 2 year old and it took lots of snacks and distractions to keep her from running all over the place. 

Tools nobody wants to see that will be used on their child!

Before the ENT came in she was all smiles!

Unfortunately the ENT couldn't see anything up her nose and didn't want to force anything in the office. It took me and a nurse to hold her down so he could look up her nose with a flashlight. He didn't even try to use any tools. So we had to schedule a procedure for Friday morning so they could go up in her nose while she was sedated. 

She passed out on the way home and slept in her bed for another 2 hours. She was exhausted. Hudson got to skip his nap that day and loved his time with mommy!

I woke up at 4:20 Friday morning and got ready to take my baby girl to the hospital. We wished John and I could have gone together but that's one of the downsides to living in a city without family. Emma was great and played in the little kid chair and loved looking outside at all the cars. 

She loved her "pink dess!" 

They gave her some medicine to start making her sleepy and then took her back. I went back out to the waiting room and less than 10 minutes later the doctor came out to tell me it was over! So quick! Unfortunately (fortunately) the bead wasn't up there anymore. He said what probably happened is she swallowed it. 

I finally got to go get her and she was crying hysterically. She had such a hard time coming off the anesthesia. She cried hard the entire time I got her dressed, while walking to the car, the whole way home, and for about 20 minute after we got home. She was pretty out of it all day and didn't really get her energy fully back until Saturday.

We were so thankful that our first hospital experience with either of our kids was so minor. It's still scary as a parent to know that your child is under anesthesia but thankful it was not a big deal.

Oh and the medical term for what she had done... "nasal endoscopy to remove a foreign object." hahaha!

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  1. Poor Girl!!!! Glad everything was ok. Isaac has put a little plastic bead in his nose but thankfully it wasn't far enough in there to need the kind of digging that Emma endured! Hope she's back to normal now!


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