Monday, September 22, 2014

selfies, sweaters, & Switzerland! {weekend wrap up}

Happy Monday! We had a really great weekend. Friday morning I checked my planner and was so excited to see a completely open weekend. We've been so busy so it is always nice to have a free weekend to relax and do nothing.

I found my phone after Emma had been playing with it.....full of selfies!!! ha!

And let's talk about the creepy factor of these 2.....COMPLETELY UNEDITED!! hahaha!

It's been almost 2 weeks now since Emma has slept with her pacis! I have had these hiding in a cabinet in the kitchen (because for some reason I was too emotional to throw them away) but finally decided it was time. So of course I took a picture first. I'm so proud of my big girl who is now 100% paci free! She will also be 2 in less than a month! How?!?

I am OBSESSED with this cardigan I got several months ago. Emma just discovered it and she's pretty crazy about it too. I read about it on Pinterest Told Me To. It's what she calls "the blardigan" because it's part blanket, part cardigan. It's the softest thing ever. 

Hanging out in the backyard on Friday evening. Love these 2!

On Saturday we ran errands and had lunch at Jason's Deli. That evening we went on a family walk and ended up at the park.

Hudson had a collision with a little boy on a bike and got a bloody lip and a cut on his knee. When he saw the blood he was SO EXCITED because it meant he had a legitimate reason to get a bandaid! haha!

Sunday it was FINALLY revealed that we are going to SWITZERLAND next summer for the Chapel Choir mission tour!!!!! We will also be visiting Germany, France, and Italy. Oh my word I am excited!

My silly boy on Sunday night. He said, "Look mommy. I am a cow!" haha! love that kid.

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