Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 37

Day 253: We stayed home all day since Emma wasn't feeling well. When she went to bed she was back to her normal self. I'm so thankful for our day at home. They played so well together and were so sweet all day. Love these two.

Day 254: Picnic dinner and fun at the park tonight!

Day 255: Having fun at Audrey and Addison's birthday party tonight!

Day 256: Family walk this afternoon with my favorite people! We found a stick bug and explored all around our neighborhood. We finished off our night at E&B's house for dinner. Fun Saturday!

Day 257: Their favorite thing right now is watching me dance in the video monitor. Listening to their giggles while I act a fool is the best.

Day 258: I said, "smile!" and they started eating the heads of their Zubels. #reallife

Day 259: The little one kept chalking all over the board and the big one was getting annoyed. So daddy stepped in a drew a line. It actually worked! Ha!

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