Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 35

Day 239: One of Emma's favorite things is playing on our bed. She could do it for hours. Love her!

Day 240: Even though our afternoon was less than ideal, we had an AWESOME morning at the super sampler at church! Ballet, Kindermusik, and gymnastics followed by a picnic on the playground. So much fun!

Day 241: The boys are at the football game so Emma and I are having a girls night!

Day 242: These 2 just organized the playroom! Hudson was so proud!

Day 243: Busted! I usually hide when I eat my breakfast. Even after the 2 littles have eaten they still want to meat mine. And yes, haven't changed my chalkboard since the 4th.

Day 244: We had the best day at Camp Dawson! These 2 are EXHAUSTED and ready for their first day of preschool tomorrow! It's been the best summer.

Day 245: First day of 3K and 2K! This was the best we got this morning but they can't wait for school!

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