Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aaargh! Hudson is 3!

Hudson's pirate party this year was so much fun! We had the party at our church's playground and it was perfect. My goal for his party was to keep things simple....until John decided that my "tattoo parlor" needed a sign. 

So the night before the party John goes down to the basement and finds some scrap wood and rope, gets the kitchen torch to burn it, and then free hands this. He's a man of many talents.

Tattoos and eye patches!

John covered the playground with red duct tape "Xs"

And at the last minute he had the genius idea to set up a hand washing station for kids to rinse the sand off after digging for buried treasure. Brilliant.

These pictures are all out of order, but I'm not in the mood to sort them out. So let's just go with it. "Pirate jewels" (just plain fruit salad).

"Polly's crackers" and "gold nuggets"

"fish n chips"

the little kids eating area

We just got this baby pool, filled it with sand, and dumped in a ton of dollar tree necklaces and gold coins. Big hit!

My big 3 year old!

Hudson and his Lady and a very unhappy Emma. Poor thing slept HORRIBLY the night before. Meaning we all slept bad. It was worse than a newborn night of sleep. She had an awful diaper rash and then we found out a few days later...a double ear infection. Plus 6 (yes 6) teeth coming in at the same time. Girlfriend was unhappy.

Our sweet little pirate family.

Oh more food! "peg legs" aka mini corn dogs

drink break before the party got started.

Taking a selfie with a DSLR camera with a huge lens is not as easy as with an iPhone. ha!

Here's the full food table. The food was so simple. My only prep work was cutting fruit. Cupcakes came from Publix.

Hudson getting his first tattoo.

How adorable does his friend, Jackson look?!?!

These 3 girls are the sweetest friends! Emma just loves Mary Everett and Audrey!

Emma was semi-happy here!

Again...thankful for a somewhat happy girl for a few minutes.

It was such a stress-free party. Loved it that way because it was easier to focus on my little guy!

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  1. Such a cute party! Can't believe he's three!

    (And you look amazing! :) )


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