Thursday, June 26, 2014

park playdate!

Today we had planned on meeting up with Jen and her kids at the pool, but after Hudson was diagnosed with an ear infection yesterday we decided to meet up at a park instead. Jen lives about an hour from us so we picked a park about halfway between us. She sent me the address and I put it into my phone and we ended up here. I texted her this pic with the "OMG I'm lost caption!"

This wouldn't usually be a big deal but the route my phone took us was through tiny country back roads so I had no clue how to get back to a major street. I called Jen and she was lost too (she used the same address) and somehow we found each other. She called a friend who knew where the park was so I followed her. 

And we made it! haha! It really wasn't a big deal at all...but I'm just still so unfamiliar with parts of Birmingham. And we weren't even in Birmingham so I had no idea where I was. And we had been in the car for an hour at this point and Hudson was FA-REAKING out because he just wanted to go to the park.

We had so much fun. It was a perfect park and not busy at all. 

Sweet Maddie and Emma just followed each other around. 

#Hudsonsshorts hahahaha!

2 sweet girls enjoying lunch.

We got a fairly good picture of 5 kids 3 and under!

And JP and Emma were pretty smitten with each other. 

Love Jen and her sweet babies! 

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