Friday, June 27, 2014

Potty Training Hudson!

Hudson is potty trained now! He has been ready to potty train since probably early April but with our big trip to Texas, and then several other things, we just didn't have more than 1 day in a row at home. But we were determined to get him trained by his birthday so on Saturday June 7, right after a busy KidLife week, we started. 

I decided to keep it simple with rewards. If he went #1 he got 1 jelly bean. #2 and he got 5 jelly beans. If he was accident free for a while he got to put a sticker on the sticker chart and once he got 5 stickers he got a cake pop. 

He had several accidents on Saturday but that was to be expected. He had so many successes too. We praised him like crazy when he had a success. And just reminded him what he has to do when he needs to go potty if he had an accident. I didn't want to punish or shame him at that point. 

On Sunday (we stayed home from church) he had 1 accident in the morning and that was it! He has not had an accident since the morning of his 2nd day of potty training. See...he was beyond ready.

I am so glad we waited until he was ready and didn't force it. It wasn't easy, or fun, but it was much easier than I expected.

He's been potty trained now for 20 days and he's done so well. He isn't scared of going potty in public restrooms and is great about telling us when he needs to.

We are so proud of our big guy!

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  1. This is exactly how it happened for us. We didn't really do much "potty training". It just happened on his own. I don't even worry about him now. I don't remember the last time he had an accident.


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